Tuesday, 11 May 2010


The work that I submitted to Blanket magazine was used on the contents page. Its safe to say I'm pleased.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Lazer Tag

Firstly : I'm obviously rubbish at keeping my blog updated, apologies
Secondly: experiments for cosmos

My flat mate Shauna has this cool lazer lamp she got from Argos or somewhere. So it has two options you can either keep the dome top on and watch the lights move about inside, or you can take the top off and let the lazers move about your ceiling. Its basically awesome.
I thought it might make some interesting background imagery for the cosmos brief I've been working on. I wanted something better than the usual stars, night sky, constellations etc. It might even work as a layer over the top of my images Ive created (ill put them on later). My main concept is the Soviet Unions lost cosmonauts. Basically the poor cosmonauts who went up into sky and didn't make it back. Most of them have not been recognized and have been covered up so as to save embarrassment.

"Conditions growing worse why don't you answer?...we are going slower...the world will never know about us..."

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Get Shirty!

One of my photographs for the silence project has been put on a t-shirt as part of TeeTwelve. TeeTwelve was set up by a few of the students on my course as a way of raising money for our university degree show. If you could buy one that would just be great, they are just £5 and orders can be put through by messaging this dude arrontierney@hotmail.co.uk. Have a look at some of the other t-shirts too, they are currently doing a buy two get the third free offer.


Monday, 15 March 2010

Rocks with Paper and Scissors

This week I attempted to complete a brief set by online magazine Blanket. The brief was to design a response to the theme 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. I really wanted to have a go at completing this brief in just a week. I thought it would be a good chance for me to push myself to come up with a nice visual image in a short amount of time. Rock, Paper, Scissors is of course a popular game which unfortunately has alot of cliche imagery associated with it. The brief said that you could pick one of the rock, paper or scissors to work with if you wanted instead. So to avoid the problem I decided to focus on the topic of 'rock' but work in collage ie. paper and scissors.

I chose to look at rock formations which is where the pattern over the top of my collage has developed from. In my review it was brought up that the triangular shape of the pattern perhaps brings crystals to mind rather than rock formations. My flat mate Shauna told me that it even reminded her of smashed glass. I did then try and work with some other patterns using other shapes from different formations i found, but this was still the most striking so i decided to keep it.

Over all I am pleased with how it has turned out visually. However I am concerned with what my tutor mentioned in the review about it not being conceptually strong. I think this is ok for submitting it to the magazine but it wont work within my portfolio. I have submitted it to Blanket but I think I am going to keep working at it to come up with something better for assessment.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Rekindled Love

Tegan and Sara – Back In Your Head

I dont really like the idea of two posts in one night but whilst I'm here I thought I'd share with you just what (or who?) has helped me work through the night to reach my assessment deadline. I love this band. I havn't listened to them for years but after my flat mate Shauna started listening to them I thought I might rummage out my CD's . They are the best kind of music for having on in the background to keep you happy, dare i say 'chipper' even when its 5.30am and your still up working like a trooper on projects.
This I one of my favorite tracks and I was hoping they had an awesome music video to go with it that I could show you, but sadly I think its a little boring, oh well. Love Love Love.

Cut, Glue, Fold

For Silence part 2 I decided to make a concertina book of one of the photo montages I have made.  I wanted to use each of the layers of the montage as the pages so when you first opened the book you could see the final image and then as you turned each page the image would be stripped away until you were just left with the back image of the empty fairground (make sense?).  I thought this was the best way of showing my concept of the fair/circus leaving town.   

 I am pleased with the idea but quite disappointed with the finished book.  I printed the back image on glossy photo paper so you could tell this was the important image, and the rest on tracing paper so you could see through each layer to see the full image.  I then put a hard cover on the back and front.  Unfortunately I think my book looks a little messy because of the way tracing paper reacts when you put glue on it.  The pages have all wrinkled at the join and a couple has split down the edge.  The book has worked how I planned it too I just wish it had turned out a little nicer.
I have handed it in for assessment now but I plan to carry on with this project next term.  I think I will try and make some other versions of the book to make a neater one, perhaps a hardback.  My film for the Bell + Howell 624 8mm Cine camera arrived and I went out to the Pleasure Beach again with my friend Jodie to shoot some footage.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing director for the day even though it was freezing cold.  We even tried our luck at getting inside the Pleasure Beach whilst it was closed but it turned out you have to call up in advance and get permission first, some health and safety rule (should have guessed really). I have a month until the Pleasure Beach opens again so I think I will order another film and do that.  Anyway the film that I shot unfortunately wasn't ready for my assessment but I will hand it in at the next ones, for now it is being processed somewhere in Germany. Note to anyone shooting on 8mm cine film, there is nowhere in the UK that will process it so send it off at least 3 weeks before your deadline, not 3 days before like me.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's A Mix Up


Here are some photo montages I have been doing for my 'silence' project.  They are a mix off my own photographs of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and some found images of old fairgrounds and circuses, including some photos of the Pleasure Beach when it was first opened.  I am really pleased with how they turned out and I think they could look nice cropped and printed in a larger format.  

I plan to now turn them into little books where each layer of the montage is taken away as each page is turned, leaving the photo of the empty Pleasure Beach at the end.  I'm hoping this will represent my concept of 'when the fair leaves town/after the circus has left' in a simple way.  I'll post up my books once they are made.