Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cut, Glue, Fold

For Silence part 2 I decided to make a concertina book of one of the photo montages I have made.  I wanted to use each of the layers of the montage as the pages so when you first opened the book you could see the final image and then as you turned each page the image would be stripped away until you were just left with the back image of the empty fairground (make sense?).  I thought this was the best way of showing my concept of the fair/circus leaving town.   

 I am pleased with the idea but quite disappointed with the finished book.  I printed the back image on glossy photo paper so you could tell this was the important image, and the rest on tracing paper so you could see through each layer to see the full image.  I then put a hard cover on the back and front.  Unfortunately I think my book looks a little messy because of the way tracing paper reacts when you put glue on it.  The pages have all wrinkled at the join and a couple has split down the edge.  The book has worked how I planned it too I just wish it had turned out a little nicer.
I have handed it in for assessment now but I plan to carry on with this project next term.  I think I will try and make some other versions of the book to make a neater one, perhaps a hardback.  My film for the Bell + Howell 624 8mm Cine camera arrived and I went out to the Pleasure Beach again with my friend Jodie to shoot some footage.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing director for the day even though it was freezing cold.  We even tried our luck at getting inside the Pleasure Beach whilst it was closed but it turned out you have to call up in advance and get permission first, some health and safety rule (should have guessed really). I have a month until the Pleasure Beach opens again so I think I will order another film and do that.  Anyway the film that I shot unfortunately wasn't ready for my assessment but I will hand it in at the next ones, for now it is being processed somewhere in Germany. Note to anyone shooting on 8mm cine film, there is nowhere in the UK that will process it so send it off at least 3 weeks before your deadline, not 3 days before like me.

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