Friday, 8 January 2010

Oh My!

So after finding that super 8 video on, that I love so much I have been hankering for a go myself but with no luck on finding a camera to borrow, until the other day.

I was round my friend Jodie’s house having a good old nosy through her boxes an boxes of amazing vintage cameras (about 37 different ones I think she said) and came across this little beauty, a Bell + Howell 624 8mm Cine camera, given to her by her grandfather. If my life were a cartoon there would have been a pounding hearts in the place of where each eye should be. It’s such a pretty camera and the tatty leather case just tops it off. I feel I should mention that Jodie is a photography student so there is a reason for her obsession with cameras.
I instantly ordered a film for it off ebay, which arrived 2 days later and a plan was made for us to go out and shoot some footage for a project I’m doing at university on the ‘silence’ left behind in Blackpool when all the tourists have left. However, without either of us having any real knowledge or any previous practice with this camera we realised the night before that I had ordered a 8mm cartridge for a 1980’s super 8 camera instead of a spool for the 1950’s camera we had. Massive disappointment!!
So my excitement for having a go at shooting my own super 8 will have to hold off until the right film arrives, when it does I will post it up for all too see. Well if its any good that is.

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