Monday, 10 May 2010

Lazer Tag

Firstly : I'm obviously rubbish at keeping my blog updated, apologies
Secondly: experiments for cosmos

My flat mate Shauna has this cool lazer lamp she got from Argos or somewhere. So it has two options you can either keep the dome top on and watch the lights move about inside, or you can take the top off and let the lazers move about your ceiling. Its basically awesome.
I thought it might make some interesting background imagery for the cosmos brief I've been working on. I wanted something better than the usual stars, night sky, constellations etc. It might even work as a layer over the top of my images Ive created (ill put them on later). My main concept is the Soviet Unions lost cosmonauts. Basically the poor cosmonauts who went up into sky and didn't make it back. Most of them have not been recognized and have been covered up so as to save embarrassment.

"Conditions growing worse why don't you answer?...we are going slower...the world will never know about us..."

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