Monday, 15 March 2010

Rocks with Paper and Scissors

This week I attempted to complete a brief set by online magazine Blanket. The brief was to design a response to the theme 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. I really wanted to have a go at completing this brief in just a week. I thought it would be a good chance for me to push myself to come up with a nice visual image in a short amount of time. Rock, Paper, Scissors is of course a popular game which unfortunately has alot of cliche imagery associated with it. The brief said that you could pick one of the rock, paper or scissors to work with if you wanted instead. So to avoid the problem I decided to focus on the topic of 'rock' but work in collage ie. paper and scissors.

I chose to look at rock formations which is where the pattern over the top of my collage has developed from. In my review it was brought up that the triangular shape of the pattern perhaps brings crystals to mind rather than rock formations. My flat mate Shauna told me that it even reminded her of smashed glass. I did then try and work with some other patterns using other shapes from different formations i found, but this was still the most striking so i decided to keep it.

Over all I am pleased with how it has turned out visually. However I am concerned with what my tutor mentioned in the review about it not being conceptually strong. I think this is ok for submitting it to the magazine but it wont work within my portfolio. I have submitted it to Blanket but I think I am going to keep working at it to come up with something better for assessment.

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