Thursday, 29 October 2009

Super 8

This is a short video made on super 8mm film. I came across it on a webite that I occasionally follow called I absolutely fell in love with this video the first time I saw it. I think its a mix of the great song choice and cheeky characters as well as the very romantic and hazy style of how its shot. The video is titled 'my brother and my father and I' leaving me to assume that this is old footage of the directors own personal home videos. This appeals to me alot because i have always liked the idea of home videos and always wanted a video camera of my own so i could make some. I never got the video player.
Ive actually never heard for this style of filming but i'm sure I have seen it used before. I really love the look of it though and would love to maybe have a go at making my own. Im not sure this will happen though i hear they're very expencive.

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