Monday, 7 December 2009

Object React

Last week Johnny Hardstaff came into university to do a workshop with us. The workshop brief was to go to the Manchester Museum and pick an object which we then had to 'bring to life'. We were asked to research the artifact and then explore how we could display it in a museum in a way which was interesting and entertaining.

'If the object could speak, how would it speak? How would it visually express itself?'

Choice one: Cast of Foot of Flightless Diving Bird
Not the most interesting object but i think the name of it is great, its just so pathetic you cant help but feel sorry for whatever animal it used to belong to

Choice two: Childrens Wooden Horse Toy
I thought this had potential to be an interesting object to play around with
especially with it being a child's toy.

Chosen Object: Collection of Heads Broken from Vases and Figurines
This is the collection of objects i chose for the brief. I just thought that the idea that someone has gone around collecting these small heads was really funny. Even better though is the expressions on the faces of some of the figures .

Now ive chosen an object i need to quickly research it and then start thinking about how i can really bring it to life. When I first saw it I was instantly reminded of the talking shrunken heads from a computer game i had played (I think its Monkey Island but i cant remember). One option could be to try and animate the heads with recorded projections of them talking, using an actor to play the part. Or another thought is to make the museum visitors try and mimic the expressions of the heads and maybe use some sort of program which can take a picture and import it onto an image of a vase or figurine. These are just initial thoughts though, I will post up my finished reaction for this soon.

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